In June, a group of young film directors were shooting social videos about different people, their occupation and lifestyle. Their main characters became the internally displaced persons affected by combat operations, as well as business owners and budding entrepreneurs, including Ihor Ternovyi, who managed to open in Mariupol his  small but very successful business.

Like other internally displaced personages Igor had a chance to start from scratch. By the way, a grant from the United Nations Development Programme became an excellent tool to start his own small business.

So, Ihor Ternovyi opened a small bakery and started selling his own products. He personally bakes bread and other bakery products, while his wife sells them in a small shop.

The touching story of Ihor Ternovyi has got the majority of viewers’ votes, taking the first place in social video competition.  

“If a person has a dream, desire, skills and ability to do something, he always succeeds,” says Igor.


Photo: QHA