BAĞÇASARAY/BAKHCHISARAI (QHA) - Dwellers of the 6th micro-district of Bağçasaray will protest against the unauthorised dump again. This dump located just 300 meters from the nearby houses.
According to the Deputy of the Bağçasaray town council Mustafa Mustafa, the action will start at 8 a.m. on July 2 and it will be held as a round-the-clock event and it will not with no fixed term. Such decision was approved during a gathering of dwellers of the 6th or Han Çayır micro-district yesterday. Also people decided to form the initiative group for stopping of use of this unauthorised dump.
Everyone is welcome to participate in the protest action.
It would be recalled that the mass protest action against the unauthorised dump in the Crimean Tatar micro-district Han Çayır was conducted one year ago. 400 people participated at that time. The Town Mayor Konstiantyn Rubanenko elected on behalf of the Russian Unity Party promised to solve this environmental problem in Bağçasaray. He stressed the authorities allocated the new place for a dump located at a safe distance from the inhabitants of the micro-district. However, as it turned out later, this was only an attempt to calm down the disturbed protesters.
İt would be noted that this issue of the dump is the pressing problem since a moment of the Han Çayır micro-district’s emergence in 1990.