The occupation authorities do not give up attempts to plunge the Crimean peninsula in the Soviet Union atmosphere. Sometimes they come up with new tourist routes and excursions to places where famous Soviet films were shot, create "military-patriotic" camps for Crimean children or even put up odious monuments to historical figures. And now, they want to "revive" the production of Soviet soda, which has been turned out by a Brewery Plant "Crimea" since June, reported the press service.

- The epoch of machines and thick glass tumblers has long gone away, but we have revived some legendary drinks, which were sold in soda vending machines. This is our favorite syrup free soda "Soda 1 kopeck", soda with a lemon syrup "Soda 3 kopecks with a lemon flavor" and soda with a citrus syrup "Soda 5 kopecks with a citrus flavor," reported the website.

The drinks are already on the shelves of the Crimean stores. However, their names have appeared to be deceptive: the cost of 1,5 bottle is RUB 55-60 (about UAH 23).

Photo: Internet