A marsh of Azov regiment entitled "The requirement of the nation - no surrender" has started at The Motherland monument, located outside the National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II, today at 10 a.m.

The activists, nearly 10,000 people, are going to the Verkhovna Rada building, according to a QHA correspondent.

Two pickup vans with two dressed Cossacks beating the drums and fueling protesters are moving at the head of the column.

Periodically, the column stops and activists chant: "Glory to Ukraine!", "Glory to the Nation!”, “Death to Enemies!" and "Ukraine above all!"

During the procession, the activists are setting off flares. There are the patrol police and more than a dozen buses of the National Guard units outside the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the press-secretary of the Azov regiment Mariana (who did not want to voice her last name), the activists protest against the conduct of elections in Donbas before the restoration of the official border of Ukraine.

Timur Savin

Photo: Website