Yesterday, a rally was held at the Independence Square in support of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Ilmi Umerov, as well as other Crimean residents, prisoners and those tortured by the Russian Federation.

Ilmi Umerov’s daughter Ayshe thanked the organizers and all those who took part in the rally. She noted that she was very pleased to see that people are not indifferent to her father’s fate and she will tell him everything tomorrow.

Thank you very much for participation! I watched the live streaming! I am very grateful! You are great!

I will tell my father everything tomorrow, I will tell the way it was going – he will be very pleased). Such support gives him strength to hold on!

I want to thank the organizers: Tamila Tasheva, Taras Ibragimov, Ayder Muzhdabaev, Erfan Kudusov, Refat Chubarov, Gennadii Afanasiev.

I want to thank all those who came to support my father. I saw many friends and old friends, as well as indifferent people - Serhiy Rudyk, Vakhtang Kіpіanі, Alla Chevychelova, Zore Odzha Umerova (Aqsöz Ömerova Zöre), Irina Anilovskaya , Asan Kadyrov, Lenur Islyamov, Lenie Ibragimova, Ahtem Seitablaiev, Elvina Seitbullaeva, Halil Dervish, Hanna Hopko, Emine Dzheppar, Ihor Ostash, Elzara Batalova, Anastasiya Ringis, Anatoly Chipak, Roman Spiridonov, Yuriy Pogrebnyak, Ibrahim Umerov and many others (sorry , the image quality was not very good, I coudn’t make out everyone).

As QHA reported earlier, the case against the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov was launched at the request of the so-called Public Prosecutor’s Office of Crimea. The prosecution alleges that in March 2016, Umerov being in the territory of Ukraine, publicly called to "violate the territorial integrity of Russia" during his speech at the ATR TV Channel.

Ilmi Umerov started feeling sick at the hearing in the city of Simferopol on August 11. He was hospitalized with heart attack risk.

August 18, FSB officers – prior to the court decision coming into the effect - illegally transferred Umerov from the hospital to a psychiatric clinic, taking away vital medication and allowing him to see his family in a strictly specified time.

Photo: QHA