PRAGUE (QHA) - Institute for totalitarian regimes in Czech Republic implemented the project of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience to commemorate fighters against the Communist totalitarian regimes, the website of the Platform reports.
The book “Lest We Forget. Memory of Totalitarianism in Europe” is published recently under this project. This is an illustrated collection of 30 remarkable life stories of people affected by totalitarianism from 16 European countries, containing photographs and facsimiles of documents. DVD with additional materials (films, e-book, etc.) enclosed. Contributions by 23 public and nongovernmental institutions, organisations, museums and memorials dealing with the totalitarian past of Europe, associated in the Platform of European Memory and Conscience. Preface by French historian Stéphane Courtois, the author of the Black Book of Communism.
The purpose of the reader is to educate today`¬s young generation about Europe¬`s tragic totalitarian past and about the importance of upholding fundamental human rights, freedoms and democratic values in society. The goal is to promote a better understanding and integration among European citizens and to help prevent the recurrence of any form of non-democratic rule in the future.
The national and liberation struggle of the Crimean Tatar nation is disclosed by an example of the known human rights activist and veteran of the national movement Ayşe Seitmurat.
As known, the Majlis of Crimean Tatar nation is the member of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience since 2012.
Everybody can order the free copy of this book on the website of the Platform.