Last year December 15, Victor was transferred from prison to house arrest in the city of Kharkiv. However, since the suspect's family is living in the city of Vinnitsa, his lawyer moved to transfer Melnik in this city.

February 9, after another one hearing in the city of Kupyansk the Court did not change its ruling.

However, new circumstances of the criminal investigation keep transpiring and it may lead not only to the abolition of the proceedings, but also to the acquittal. At yesterday's meeting, for example, the investigator could not accurately answer the question whether he has entered any data on the criminal proceedings in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. And there are many other similar inconsistencies. Lawyers and civil society activists, who support and defend Victor Miller, talk about carelessness and negligence in the execution of documents.

The next hearing is to be held February 25. The defence hopes for a final decision in case of ‘Aydar’ soldier.

Anna Prokosheva