The initiative was presented today in Kiev at a press conference, "Is there a chance for Kiev police to be out corruption?

The initiators of the action at the expense of non-indifferent businessmen patrons announced the reward for exposal of corrupt acts committed by members of the new police force.

According to Oleg Petrovts, independent MP of Kyiv City Council, this action is intended to strengthen public control over the work of the new police force, make it more transparent and thus strengthen citizens' confidence in the new law body.

The organizers also noted that currently, despite some obvious flaws, such as a short-term training and the open possibility to get to the service, the trust to the police among the Kiev citizens is at a high level. This action is carried out to maintain and strengthen this trust.

- Every policeman should feel constant public scrutiny to rule out even the idea of possible corrupt practices, said Alexey Mktrchan, activist of Traffic Control service.

Answering the journalists' questions as if the new police not to become victims of reward-hunters, Yana Miroschnik, expert of Svіdomі organization, stated that no one would force a policeman to take a bribe, if he/she does not want it.

- Moreover, this fact should be clearly recorded on video and transferred to our organization, without prior publication in any Internet resources, said Miroshnik.

At the end of the press conference the organizers expressed hope for this action to fail and nobody to be able to bribe the police officer.