According to the MP, it’s planned to establish a new police unit, i.e. special operation forces called ‘CORD’, which is an analogue of the American SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics). He also said a few words on the plan details:

- The first phase of CORD specialists’ training with the best Ukrainian and foreign (USA, Canada) experts is to start in September. The selection and training of the first two special forces groups is planned for October. The details on the qualification requirements, start date will be announced later. While enrolment the preference will be given to people with Special Forces employment experience, ATO veterans and personnel - but the requirements will be high enough, said the MP.

He also noted that the salary of the future special forces will range from UAH 10 to 15 thousand depending on their specialization.

- Altogether there will be close to five thousand officers across the country, concluded Arsen Avakov.