Avakov asked to deploy National Guard in Rivne region -VIDEO

Vitaly Chugunnikov, head of the Rivne Regional State Administration, addressed Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs, with the request to bring the National Guard units into the region.

17 March 2016 10:00

Reportedly, the reason for such a request is a sharp increase of illegal extraction of amber in northern areas of Rivne region. 

According to the press service of the Petro Poroshenko Block party, which published the Chugunnikov’s statement, the issue of more active actions of law enforcement agencies against illegal amber diggers has been arisen by the head of the Rivne Regional State Administration almost at every meeting.  

At the same time the extent of illegal mining of yellow stone strikes. The recently released video filmed by a drone proves catastrophic consequences of the illegal extraction for nature and urgency of the problem.


Photo: Internet