Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea—Muftiyat—has issued a list of religious literature banned in Russia. Producing, storing or distributing the materials on the list is an offense in Russia.

FSB, Federal Security Service of Russia gave this list to Crimean muftiyat.

According to deputy mufti of Crimea Esadulla Bairov, muftiyat had known about the list before.

“We had the list before, as we are monitoring the situation in Russia. Amid the current situation we did our best to take banned literature from educational institutions, mosques and libraries - he said to QHA. In the first month [after Crimean referendum,-ed.] in March we asked local imams to take away banned literature till our next instructions.”

 Bairov also emphasized that the authorities should explain how to deal with thousands of those books that became banned.

“We want to protect our Muslims from the excesses that may occur tomorrow, if the “Fortress of the Muslim” book is found. We still cannot understand why this prayer book, which includes prayers only, was banned. A Muslim wakes up and pray, goes to bed and prays, sits in the car and prays, this normal practice for every Muslim. And the book, that includes all these prayers is banned in Russia”- Bairov stressed.

“I think that Russian Muslims have already tried to challenge the court's decision, but it is still in effect, so we should also remove this book. This is one of the most widely spread books, that turned to be banned”- he added.

“That's a tough question, how and where should we remove them, but I think we should remove them and wait for further instructions”- Bairov summed up.