(QHA) -

Attacks on religious temples of any confession are unacceptable in civilized world and may lead to interethnic hatred.

Mufti of Crimea Emirali Ablaev said this responding to the last incident in Crimean city of Sudak, where vandals tried to set local mosque on fire.

“Since the beginning of the return of Crimean Tatar people to their homeland in the 90th, since they started restoration of mosques and cemeteries, there were attacks on Muslim religious sights. These incidents have led to interethnic tense in the society, still Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea has always called on Muslims to show patience and respect towards representatives of other religions. For more than 20 years Muslims have never responded to these incidents with aggressions, despite none of those responsible for the crimes was punished”- Mufti said in the statement.

“During the period between Oct 2013 and Nov 2014, 4 Crimean mosques were attacked”- he stressed.

“Crimean Muftiyat once again urges upon Crimean authorities and the society the importance of the issue, as the impunity of such crimes will lead to new ones”- the Mufti summed up.