Simferopol / Aqmescit (QHA) -

A new television project ‘The Crimean reporter’, covering reports on various Crimean topics, has been launched on the peninsula.

The program is aired from Monday to Friday by ATR Channel after news broadcast, as well as on YouTube and Facebook project pages.

The project is launched in three languages - Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar. According to Lily Bujurova, QHA informer, the project started its work with the resumption of ATR broadcasting from Kiev.

- We’ve started shooting it earlier in the course of Disappearing Crimea series, which is about villages that disappeared from the peninsula map or are threatened to extinction. Now Crimean reporter covers some other topics - history, culture and social issues, as they are of high priority. As a rule, people themselves contact us, as in case with pig farm in the village of Chistenkoe. But we are also looking for interesting topics and we are grateful to all those offering them. This can be done even on the Crimean reporter page in FB, said Lily Bujurova.

- If you have something to tell us, or you think it necessary to bring any problem to public notice, please, contact us. Contacts are available on FB page, say the creators of the project.