(QHA) -

ATR -- the only one Crimean Tatar channel in the world, which is being forced off air, announced an open day. All comers may come and support the channel. The visitors will be familiarized with the ATR, its studios and the staff.

ATR has made its own projects, dedicated to history, culture and religion of Crimean Tatars.

The channel has been operating for 9 years. It has become extremely popular not just among Crimean Tatars, but among all the residents of Crimea, giving clear and objective information about the events and developments in the region, providing high-quality content to its viewers.

ATR made news, titled “Zaman” in Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Numerous US, Turkish, Russian and other movies and cartoons where translated into Crimean Tatar by talented ATR staff, which made an important contribution to learning of Crimean Tatar language.

The open day comes amid all the independent Crimean Tatar-language media outlets – ATR and Lale channels, Meydan FM station, number of Crimean Tatar newspapers and news agencies, including the Crimean News Agency— will be shut down on 1 April as the midnight deadline expires for re-registration under a Russian law.

Despite submitting applications, Crimean Tatar media outlets that have been arbitrarily refused re-registration or not heard back from the licencing authorities, will be forced to close. Failure to do so will lead to heavy fines and criminal prosecutions.