The initiative group incllluding Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks decided to create Association of Indigenous People of Crimea.

One of the activists Alexander Dziuba commented on the decision:

- It is a necessity. Following a series of events that deprived us of our homeland - Crimea, one of the most ethnically diverse Ukrainian communities of Crimea appeared to be in Kharkiv region. We do not want to divide people ethnically, especially since we do not have a lot of Karaites, Crimean Tatars and Krymchaks. There is an urgent need to unite to defend our interests, help each other, and most importantly, not lose a multicultural tradition of Crimea. After all, Crimea is a very special area in cultural aspect as it intertwines destinies and cultures of lots of people. It's hard to imagine another corner of the world that for centuries has been organically uniting Muslims, Christians of various denominations and Jews on a relatively small area. Our initiative group is ready to consider all possible options concerning participation in the creation of the Association of Indigenous People of Crimea, we invite everyone to join our work aimed at preserving our culture, history and traditions.

Phones of the initiative group: 093 3558079 Alexander, 0936730908 Zarema.

PHOTO: Internet