AQMESCIT/ SIMFEROPIL (QHA) – The Kyiv District Court of Aqmescit/ Simferopil has acquitted Ruvim Aronov, former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, member of the ‘Crimea’ faction (Kunitsyn’s Bloc), former commercial director of the local soccer club, Tavria, and one of the leaders of the Crimean organized group “Bashmaki” (“The Shoes”), according to UNIAN.
As QHA reported, Aronov is accused of involvement in a criminal group “Bashmaki” and the organization of two murders: the President of the Saq/ Saky football club ‘Dynamo’ Isayev in the mid-1990s and a member of Zakharov’s gang in the early 2000s.
Earlier, District Court at the request of Aronov’s lawyer sent a criminal case for further pre-trial investigation. According to the defense, investigation was incomplete and was carried out unilaterally. As a result of Aronov and his accomplice Adrian Rak were acquitted. According to information, Aronov will go at large in a few days, when an amnesty for a criminal case on fatal traffic accident in 2002 comes into effect.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Crimea said it will appeal against the verdict of acquittal.
A former head of the Crimean militia, the People’s Deputy Hennadii Moskal sees in the actions of the court a “trace’ of the former Interior Minister of Ukraine, incumbent Prime Minister of Crimea Anatolii Mohyliov. “With the advent of Mohyliov nobody expected anything else, because all of them were his and Melnik’s pals. Recall telephone conversations, placement and everything else,” he said.
“I think that the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Interior Ministry will insist on the review, yet there will be appeal and cassation. New people have come to the Interior Ministry, I think they will not allow this. So it’s not a final solution, but (the decision – Ed.) at the local level ,” Moskal told in an interview with the newspaper ‘Krym. Kommentariy’.
It should be recalled that Ruvim Aronov was wanted by militia on suspicion on his connection with organized criminal group “Bashmaki”.

According to the Interior Ministry, this group acted since 1991 till 2005 in Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson and Crimea, their criminal deeds include more than 50 murders and 8 kidnappings. The crimes were committed with firearms and explosives. It was also found out that the criminal group “Bashmaki” involved about 10 militia officers who held different positions.

Ruvim Aronov hid in Israel and was arrested on March 3, 2008 at the Kyiv airport ‘Boryspil’. He was sentenced to four years and three months of imprisonment for fatal traffic accident that occurred on September 27, 2002.

In September 2011 the Court of Appeal of Odesa Oblast began consideration of proceedings based on charges of creation of a criminal organization and banditry against members of the criminal group “Bashmaki”.

Yunus Seithalil