AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - On 9 July in Aqmescit funeral of Server Emin took place. Server Emin, known veteran of the Crimean Tatar Movement died from cruel disease in the age of 66.
The press office of Majlis reports S. Emin devoted his life to the national movement and tried his best to make the Crimean Tatars come back to the Motherland.
Among people who came to bid farewell to Server Emin were the Head of the Land Commission of the Majlis Zevcet Qurtümer, the Chief of the foreign relation division of the Majlis Ali Hamzin and the Rector of the CEPU Dr. Fevzi Yaqub.
“Server Emin had been one of the most active members of the Majlis representatıon offıce in Central Asia”, - stated Ali Hamzin. – It is thanks to him in 1999 a large meetıng was hold in Ferghana, where we explained and helped our compatriots to become the citizens of Ukraine. It is his great merit. May Allah accept his soul”.
Server Emin returned to Crimea and moved his family. He built the house on Balaklavska Street in "Yanı Dünya" microdistrict (The New World – in Crimean Tatar) in Aqmescit. But he failed to register his house under the ownership and to get the documents for the privatization. Despite of the fact that there were no barriers to a positive outcome, the government does not settle the land problem.
“He was one of those people who helped the national movement even being in the shadow. May Allah accept his soul! – said Zevcet Qurtümer. – His noble actions, his help in the process of the people’s return to the historical Homeland are worth gratitude and remembrance. Today we say goodbye to him. This is not just a funeral, we can say that it is a signal to the government, that is not able to make people live in peace here; to make them owners of their lands under the law. This area as well as many others has been the witness of weddings, the birth of children and grandchildren. This is the signal to the government to solve the problem of such settlements as Balaklavska Street”.