- The Crimean Supreme Court notified that on Tuesday at 10 a.m. the Appeal Court is to hold a session concerning the ruling by judge Galina Redko as of 03/02/16, under which she arbitrarily and extrajudicially extended the detention of Ahtem Chiygoz, Ali Asanov and Mustafa Degermendzhi, a lawyer Nikolai Polozov wrote on Facebook.

He recalled that Redko willfully decided to detain Ahtem Chiygoz for three additional days thus violating the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, as well as the international standards, in particular the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. This happened without any public proceedings that require the obligatory presence of the accused and his defense lawyer.

- Now the Crimean judges have a slim chance, at least, to recognize a gross legal mistake of their colleague. And if they persist in their heresy, the legal consequences for all those involved won’t be long in coming, warned a lawyer.

Earlier, Polozov expressed confidence that a broad discussion of monstrous violations of human rights in Crimea, as well as the positive decisions by the ECHR concerning Ahtem Chiygoz and other defendants would help to put a political pressure on the Russian authorities and eventually will give an opportunity to release the political hostages in Crimea.

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