Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor has denied Crimean Tatar “Avdet” newspaper a license to operate in Crimea, “Avdet” chief editor Shevkey Kaybullayev said to Crimean News Agency.

Kaybullayev says they have been applied for license two times, still both appeals were rejected without even being considered.

 “We have appealed two times, and both appeals were given us back. The first reason was that we gave not full information about what we wanted and another reason was that we had sent the state tax to wrong department. So the appeals were given us back without consideration”- he said.

However, the “Avdet” sent the third appeal to Roscomnadzor three week ago, still there is no respond from the watchdog yet.

Kaybullayev says he intends to appeal even for the fourth time if needed, until a concrete respond is received.  

The staff of the newspaper is optimistic on the issue and says they will find other forms for “Avdet” to work.