Crimean Muslims were urged to join the fundraising for the restoration of an ancient mosque in the village of Ai-Serez (Mizhrichia). Soviet Union converted mosque into a club, had a minaret destroyed and built an extension.

Activists involved in the mosque reconstruction, have already dismantled the extension. Money for the mosque restoration is being collected by the Spiritual Administration of Crimean Muslims, reports Avdet.

As QHA (Crimean News Agency) reported earlier, the works on restoration of the mosque in the village of Cheremisovka / Kopyurlika in Belogorsk district are continuing. The mosque is assumed to be at least three centuries. Currently, the walls of the old Muslim building are being plastered and the windows replaced. Most of the investments for restoration were given by a Crimean patron Valery Kerimov, whose ancestors come from Cheremisovka.