The building of an ancient mosque of Dnipropetrovsk built in 1911 will be rebuilt, Crimean Tatar Association in Kyiv reports.

Special commission to regulate the issues of reconstruction of the mosque has already been created.

The restoration of the mosque was initiated by Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev and head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional government head Mr. Igor Kolomoisky.

Earlier Jemilev announced Dnipropetrovsk mosque would be returned to Muslim community of the city.

 “Mr. Igor Kolomoiski gave instructions to return the mosque immediately” – said Mr. Mustafa Jemilev when visiting Dnipropetrosk.

The central mosque of Dnipropetrovsk was built on Kherson Street in 1911. In 1927 the mosque was closed and later used as a police club. From 1953 in the prayer hall area of the building, there was a sport school. Today some remnants of the mosque remain.