Only 23% of enterprises in Russia-occupied Crimea are provided with backup power sources, Aleksey Eremeev, the Head of the Fire Protection Department of the State Emergency Situations Ministry in Crimea, told the "Russia Today" Radio.

- As of now, there are 165 industrial enterprises in Crimea, 35 of them are budget revenue generating enterprises, while other 130 produce socially significant products. 23% of enterprises are provided with autonomous power sources, said Eremeev.

He also added that the emergency state has affected a small number of Crimean enterprises and most of them continue working in a normal mode.

Eremeev stressed that despite decline in food production, the peninsula doesn’t suffer shortage of goods.

- In emergency state, the manufacturers of strategically important food - bread, dairy products, meat, and flour - have worked non-stop, but with the decline in production. However, the latter was due to cutback orders by stores and retail chains as trying to save not all employers turn on the fridges. The population doesn’t lack any good as the stores provide everything, assured Eremeev.

Nov 20, Crimean residents were left without power for several days in row due to the blowing up of power transmission poles in Kherson region. Currently, the invaders have introduced a power-save mode throughout the peninsula.