Changes will be made to the Law No. 422-FZ, which regulates the payment of the Crimeans’ debts to Ukrainian banks, reads the statement published on the website of Sergey Aksyonov, the so-called head of Crimea.

Thus, the Ukrainian banks will not be allowed to seize property of Crimeans to repay debts. Moreover, the Ukrainian collection agencies will be banned from working directly with Crimeans having debts to the banks.

“It is assumed that collectors will appeal to the Deposit Insurance Agency, which, after checking compliance of the organizations with the legal requirements, will give permission to interact with Crimeans having debts to the Ukrainian banks,” Aksenov reports.

The law will also "take into account the requirements for the prohibition of fines and debt, formed by March 2014."

 Furthermore, Aksyonov demanded that the residents of Crimea were granted debt payment delays. 

PHOTO: Internet