(QHA) -

Crimea residents are able to get Istanbul, Turkey by sea.

Turkish cruise liner “Adriana” reportedly operates Sevastopol-Istanbul voyage. Head of Sales and Marketing Department of ESEN ELITA TUR Ebazer Shen said this to QHA correspondent.

According to Mr. Shen, Ukrainian foreign passports are available. One-way voyage costs $200.

“Adriana” cruise liner was built in 1972, still was renovated three times: in 1992, 2003 and 2010. It accommodates 300 passengers and the crew.

To recall, Ukraine’s State Inspectorate for the Safety of Sea and River Transport announced it had closed Crimean sea ports for international navigation, among the ports there are those of Evpatoria, Kerch, Sevastopol, Feodosia and Yalta.

The decision was made following Russian annexation of Crimea in March.

 Photo: Esen Elita Tur