SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Famous Russian Actor Stanislav Sadalskiy, when found himself in the list of ‘tatarophobs’ of the Crimean Tatar newspaper ‘Avdet’, appealed to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine requiring the newspaper to be charged for ‘inciting interethnic hatred’, reports Novoross. “Sadalskiy is an unprincipled boor who can allow himself rude statements. As for his appeal to the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine….our newspaper had faced more serious problems than this one,” commented the situation the newspaper’s editor Shevket Haybullaev in his interview to QHA. According to the editor, those who insult Crimean Tatars can’t find another way to show themselves but use foul language. And Crimean Tatars always react on rude statements. To be noted, the reason Sadalskiy was put in Avdet’s ‘tatarophobs list’ were rude statements addressed to Crimean Tatars that he shared in his blog. “I’m leaving my lovely Ukraine for Moscow. All media show Panin’s apologies for his incident with a Tatar boy. …I don’t care but… I swear I have not seen any single Crimean Tatar at performances in Sevastopol and Yalta”, wrote Sadalskiy. When found out he was placed in ‘tatarophobs list’, Sadalskiy appealed to the Prosecutor’s office in Ukraine. The actor aims to close ‘Avdet’ newspaper. After the publication in the newspaper, Sadalskiy resented and called the Crimean Tatar Mejlis illegal and ‘Avdet’ newspaper –anti-Russian edition. As reported, a few days ago the Crimean Tatar newspaper ‘Avdet’ published its list of tatarophobs’, which included 14 people with their pictures and anti-Crimean Tatar statements they made. The list includes politicians, scientists, journalists, professors and actors from Crimea, Ukraine and Russia. Sadalskiy was one of them. The article was accompanied by a poster of the Great Patriotic War- "The Motherland Calls!" with the rephrased slogan ‘Have you joined the ranks of honored tatarophobs?’