Propaganda leaflets, urging people to boycott products of Roshen Confectionery Corporation were distributed in Simferopol, Crimea.

The leaflets state that those who buy products of Roshen Corporation, which belongs to Ukrainian tycoon Petr Poroshenko, automatically sponsor violence and extremism on EuroMaidan.

The authors believe that Ukrainian oligarchs, who ‘long for more power’ together with American and European secret services finance EuroMaidan in Kyiv.

“Let’s say No to violence and extremism! Let’s boycott Roshen production! Don’t let candies, cakes and biscuits turn into bombs”- reads the leaflet.

In turn, EuroMaidan activists urge to boycott those companies that relate to Party of Regions, the ruling party of Ukraine.
To recall, Petr Poroshenko is opposition deputy of Ukrainian Parliament.

Note: Roshen Confectionary Corporation is a Ukrainian confectionery manufacturing group, controlled by Petro Poroshenko. As of 2012, Roshen Corporation was ranked 18th in the "Candy Industry Top 100" list of world's largest confectionery companies. It has a total annual production volume exceeding 410,000 tonnes.