QARASUVBAZAR/BILOHIRSK (QHA) - A square named after the Qarasuvbazar Mayor (1907), prominent Crimean Tatar people’s educator Abdureşit Mediyev will appear in Qarasuvbazar. QHA is informed about this by the Vice-Mayor of Qarasuvbazar Hakim Çolahay.
According to him, there was heated argument where Abdureshit Mediyev Square will be in the town?
“One of the best options that is proposed by the municipality – to allocate an area between the current building of the town council and the former building of the town council where Abdureshit Mediyev worked and to name this area in honor of him”, - Mr. Çolahay told.
He also noted they succeed in convincing their colleagues-deputies of the Regions Party group to vote for the positive decision. As a result, the town council’s deputies adopted unanimously to name this area in honor of Abdureşit Mediyev.
It would be noted that the future square is close to the ruins of the Taş Han Caravanserai and the Qarasuvbazar's central mosque will be constructed soon within hundred-meter area.
“And now we give time to our community so that they propose how can beautify this area. Renaming the Western microdistrict to the Amdi Geraybay’s microdistrict will be as the following effective step”, - the vice-mayor said.
Note: Abdureşit Mediyev was born in the family of peasant in 1880. After the Aqmescit teachers’ school he worked as a teacher. His incontestable authority and active position allowed him to be elected him to the post of the Qarasuvbazar town mayor and the deputy of the State Duma of the II convocation (the parliament in the Russian Empire – ed.) in 1907. Abdureşit Mediyev placed himself on record as one of the most prominent representatives of the Crimean Tatar nation and educators at the turn of the XX century.