(QHA) - Representatives of three pro-Russian Orthodox organizations have condemned the pro-European integration statements by the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP), Metropolitan Volodymyr (Slobodan), Religious Information Service of Ukraine informs. According to them, “the vast majority of believers” of the UOC-MP support the unity of the “Russian World.” “The vast majority of believers of the UOC-MP do not support European integration but unity of the Russian World as a spiritual space where the canonical Orthodox Church occupies a leading place in society. The government’s present policy, aimed at Ukraine signing an Association Agreement with the EU, the Orthodox community considers a betrayal of the essence of the civilizational essence of the people of Ukraine” - reads the statement by the leaders of the organizations. As reported, on November 4 the leaders of these organizations plan to hold a procession to show, according to them, the true attitude of citizens toward European integration. “Using the procession we will try to avert from of our land the disaster of European integration, because our Christian faith objects the promotion of all that is normally accepted in the European Union, such as sodomy, the legalization of drugs and euthanasia,” said Ihor Druz.