(QHA) -

A mosque of XVI century is being restored in Sinekamenka village of Belogorsk, Crimea. According to inscriptions on the mihrab-- a semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla, the direction of the Kaaba--the mosque was restored in 1895.

Local Muslim community by common efforts is restoring the mosque, as the roof has already been destroyed and the walls have decayed. There are neither remains of the minaret, nor pictures or other materials that could help to restore the construction. Still, there is area close to the mosque that could have been a foundation of the minaret.

According to one of the initiators of the restoration, local resident Seyran Kerimov, they get financial support from all over Crimea.Earlier, Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea has announced fund raising, and has raised 54,000 rubles for the mosque.

Although, more funds are necessary to continue restoration works. Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea, Muftiyat, calls on Muslims to help to preserve the mosque of XVI century. Money can be given to Sinekamenka village community or given to Muftiyat office in Simferopol.