A mass event in support of Vladimir Putin’s policy was not allowed in Sevastopol, Guildhall reports Anatoly Mareta, coordinator of the local branch of the Russian national liberation movement, as saying. In his opinion, the denial of permission to hold the rally can be caused by both regulations and personal attitude to the activists by the currents government.

“I can’t tell you why they denied permission: It could be related to the stupid resolution on ban of mass events all over the city, except for three remote locations. But it had to be an all-Russian rally in support of Putin! Judge for yourself, if those people supported President, would they have denied permission to hold the rally?” Anatoly Mareta said.

According to him, the decision to ban the rally is subject to dispute in court, and the event will be held in any case.

“We have delayed the rally by three weeks, maybe a month, I can’t tell you exactly. The decision to ban the rally will definitely be challenged. We shall see later,” Mareta said.