Italy has been officially recognized as the "oldest" EU member, while Turkey is the "youngest" country in Europe. These data is contained in the report of the European Union's statistical office Eurostat, reports Islam Today. The service has found that Turkey is European country with the lowest number of people over 80 years old, about 1.4% of the total number of citizens. In addition, the average age of a Turkish citizen is 29.7 years. Macedonia is at the second place, the number of old people is 1.9% and an average age of 36.4 years. Next in the list are Montenegro (36.8 years, 2.5%), Ireland (35, 2.9% years), Cyprus (35.8, 2.9%) and Slovakia (37.7, 2.9 %). As reported, Italy is considered to be the "oldest" European country. Its number of old people is about 6.1%. Also among the "old" ones are Germany (5.4% of old people) and France (about 5.5 %). Saudi Arabia is considered to be the "youngest" country in the world.