(QHA) -

Residents of Mityaevo village of Saki, Crimea, had to postpone construction of a mosque over changes in legislation, amid the region’s unification with Russia in March, Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea (Muftiyat) informs.

The construction of the mosque was initiated by religious community “Ramadan”. In March 2014, local Muslims built the foundation of the future mosque at their own expense.

 “Sponsors have promised to help Muslims, still amid the changes in legislation which occurred after March events (Crimea’s unification with Russia-ed.), they failed to redeem their promise. The construction of the mosque was suspended”: reads the statement of Muftiyat.

Besides the mosque, it was also planned to build a religious-cultural center, to celebrate the fests, arrange lessons on needlework, handcrafts, language courses, sport gym etc.

Now the Muslim community seeks for the help of patrons.