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A 21-years old Ava Seitumerova was named most beautiful as “Crimean Beauty- 2015” contest took place in Crimean capital Simferopol March 9. She was awarder a jewelry and a tablet computer.

23 young girls of Russian, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, Armenian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish, Krymchak and Estonian origin took part in the contest. Besides Ava Seitumerova, Feride Khakova, Nazly Seitablayeva, Aliye Adzhimuratova and Meryem Bekirova represented Crimean Tatar culture.

Young girls greeted the jury in their native languages, wearing national costumes and demonstrated their skills in cooking, then demonstrated modern and wedding dresses. One of the peculiarities of the event was choreographic staging of Crimean legends.

The author of the project and the presenter of the contest Eleonora Bakhicha, noted that “Crimean Beauty” being traditional contest in Crimea, united all the peoples residing in Crimea.

“This event is a kind of leisure for Crimea which unites peoples of Crimea. It is attended by people of different nationality, who stay for beauty and culture. They realize that all the peoples have their traditions and legends which stay for kindness and love”- Bakhicha said.

The contest was launched in 2003 aimed to maintain peace between peoples of Crimea and showing their beauty.