Two books devoted to Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev and struggle of Crimean Tatar people for their return tohomeland were presented in Kyiv, Ukrinform reports.

The books titled “Hell on the earth. To 70th anniversary of Crimean Tatar deportation” and “Mustafa Jemilev: voice of Crimean Tatars had not been heard for decades” were published by Stilos publishing house.

According to director of Stilos publishing house Elena Bondarenko, the books are addressed to Ukrainians of mainland Ukraine, who know nothing about the issue.

“They imagine that May 18 deportation was the biggest tragedy. Yet it was the beginning of great tragedy. So we tried to sketch out what happened after the deportation and to tell about 45 years that Crimean Tatars had been struggling”- Bondarenko noted.

“That is he reason why Crimean Tatars turned to be consistent patriots of Ukraine, sometimes even more patriotic then Ukrainians”- she added.

In turn, the author and the editor of the books, Crimean Tatar historian Gulnara Bekirova stressed that there are more than 500 evidences of genocide of Crimean Tatar people.