Bakhchysarai (QHA) -

A mobile laser scanning laboratory for development of road safety guidelines and organization of the city traffic scheme has started operating in the streets of the city of Bakhchysarai, reports the press service of the City Council.

As of today, mobile laser scanning is one of the most high-tech methods to obtain information for the design, reconstruction and monitoring of highways and road infrastructure. As a result, up to a few millimeters, a complete digital model of roads, streets and surrounding road infrastructure is created. With the help of this model one can assess the road surface condition and determine the field of vision and, ultimately, to create a road safety guideline.

According to the experts of Energotehstroy LLC, holding the works, it will take no more than 5 days to scan 62 kilometers of Bakhchysarai streets. Basing on Bakhchysarai road certification data, the City Council has laid a city traffic scheme to improve traffic conditions for vehicles and urban transport, as well as to enhance the capacity of the streets and improve safety conditions for pedestrian.