Saki (QHA) -

An opening ceremony of the first 32-meter high minaret at a Central Mosque of Saki town (Crimea) took place, informs press service of the committee of Muslims of Crimea.

The ceremony was attended by Mufti of Muslims of Crimea Emirali Ablayev, chief Imam of Sakskiy district and Evpatoria town Emirasan Umerov, head of Saksiy district Mejlis Eskender Bilyalov and others.

Sponsor of the construction of the minaret is the Crimean Tatar businessman Nariman Karakash.

“Each year we see the increase in number of people who care about our culture and spirituality and provide financial and other assistance for their revival. We understand, that if we don’t revive our culture, traditions and architecture ourselves, no one would do it for us,” said the Crimean Mufti.

The Mufti expressed gratitude to Nariman Karakash for his contribution.

32-meter high minaret was constructed during one month applying old technologies that were used in Ottoman Empire and the Crimean Khanate. The cost of construction was 20 thousand dollars.

The Central Mosque itself was built in 1999 and until July this year didn’t have a minaret. According to the project, the Mosque should have two minarets. At present, funds are being raised for the construction of the second minaret.