Sudak (QHA) - A 300-year old mosque was restored in Bogatovka village near Sudak. The mosque was restored at the expense of local Muslim communities and sponsors’ support. Most of the money for the restoration was donated by a woman from Kuwait. The opening of the mosque took place on October 25, informs committee of Muslims of Crimea. The ceremony was attended by Mufti of Muslims of Crimea Emirali Ablayev, head of Sudak regional Mejlis Ilver Ametov, head of “Al-raid” organization Basil Mare, head of Crimean branch of “Al-raid” Muhammed Taha, local authorities, Muslim community and others. Crimean Mufti thanked all those who assisted in mosque restoration. “I thank all those who supported the restoration of the mosque built by our ancestors. In particular I’d like to thank the sponsors- representatives of “Al-raid” organization Basil Mare and Muhammad Taha with whom we cooperate in development of Islamic culture and Crimean Tatar culture in Crimea,” – Ablayev said. The Mufti also called on Muslims to unite. “One blossom is not a spring yet. Only being united we will achieve results. Only being united we can restore our old mosques and build new ones”- he said. Crimean Mufti also emphasized that Islam is religion of peace and kindness. “Muslims in their actions should not be guided solely by the interests of the Muslim community, but also by interests of people of other faiths and nationalities. Remember that Islam is a religion of peace and kindness. I hope that this mosque will be a place of creativity and spiritual development”. As reported the restoration was financed by local Muslims, and sponsors, among them a Kuwait woman, who gave the largest sum of money. Note: The 300-year old mosque was restored from ruins. It was turned into a village club after Crimean Tatar deportation in 1944. In 1983 after the cultural center was built in the village, the mosque was destroyed.