Walbrzych town authorities have confirmed having been contacted by a law company acting on behalf of the two archeologists claiming to have found the Nazi gold and seeking to get duly rewarded, Reuters reports.

The archaeologists, a Pole and a German, are willing to disclose the location of the ‘gold train’ if the Polish authorities guarantee them a finder fee of 10% of its value.

Professional historians have raised doubts over the possibility of finding the train because none of the previously undertaken attempts was successful.

The legend has it that Karl Hanke, Gauleiter of Breslau, issued an order to evacuate the town due to advancement of Marshall Konev’s troops on Polish Silesia on January 20, 1945. The exact date the train left Breslau (Vrotslav) is unknown, because the evacuation was poorly organized and panic reigned in the town.

However, some unconfirmed reports claim the train was hidden in a tunnel located next to the Castle of Ksenzh. Because the tunnel got buried under collapsing debris, its exact whereabouts has never been established.

The train, armor-plated and about 150 meters long, carried nearly 300 tons of gold.