(QHA) - A check for the astronomical sum of 2 million USD was found at the Diego de Leon station of Madrid metro. It was in a leather wallet, wedged into the frame of a carriage door which wouldn’t close properly, reports CNN. A maintenance worker at Madrid's Metro found it Wednesday. A train running on line 5, which roughly traverses the capital from east to west, reported a problem with doors that wouldn't fully close at the Diego de Leon station. “When we realized that the mechanism had trapped a wallet we …opened it which is the standard procedure” said metro maintenance boss Jose Manuel, reports Euronews. “Inside the wallet, there was documentation, a driver’s license, credit cards and a check for 2 million dollars which was really a surprise.”- he said. Why would someone with such a large check be riding in the subway, instead of in a chauffeured car? Police would like to ask the owner of the check that question, too, the spokesman said. Police have contacted the U.S. Embassy in Madrid for help in finding the check's owner, but the embassy had no immediate comment.