The first educational and entertainment website for the Crimean Tatar children QirimJr is expected to be launched at the beginning of September 2016. 

"Qırım Junior" represents computer games exclusively in the Crimean Tatar language for children of preschool and school age.  It will enable them not only to spend time entertaining on computer, but also to learn through play.

The website was developed by Emil Umerov and his Tito.Site company. It is worth noting that the games were created not by professional programmers, but people for whom it is very important to preserve the Crimean Tatar language.

The site name consists of the Crimean Tatar word “Qırım” and English word “Junior”, which means "the younger generation".

The creators of the site wanted to implement the idea of unification of the Crimean Tatar children in all countries on a common playground. The proposed games will also be useful for adults studying the Crimean Tatar language.

The site consists of six game groups:

Chipce - simple and colorful games teach children of pre-school age letters, words, numbers, colors and forms.

Meydanciq - games for children of primary school, testing their knowledge of language and mathematics. The developers also plan to create games to help children to learn English.

Pencere - games related to the knowledge of the outside world for people of all ages.

Oyun Arabasy - entertaining game for everyone.

Bayqus -  e-books with tales, and audio fairy stories.

Ebabil – Crimean Tatar poetry for children.

QirimJr will also host articles on healthy lifestyle, sports, music and fine art, intended for both children and their parents.

The creators of the website have a long list of ideas and plans for the future - from further development of computer games in Crimean Tatar language to various competitions for users and invitation of Crimean Tatar educators and cultural professionals to share their experiences.

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