"15 Minut" News Agency resumes its work, now it will be conducted in Kyiv, according to the agency website:

- Today, December 21, the editorial staff with the "15 Minut" resumes its work, now from Kiev.  The latest news from Crimea, Ukraine and the world are available again on our site!

Lenur Islyamov, the owner of the ATR media holding, which moved to Kiev and previously included “15 Minut", commented on the situation:

- "15 Minut" and the children's TV Channel Lâle are projects by a free media holding company ATR. I ran these projects as long as I could after ATR was forced to move from Crimea. But still an honest death to all our national media projects in Crimea is far more better than such a life! he said.

Currently, the "15 minut" is looking for the Crimean and Kyiv journalists.

Resumes should be sent to the following address:

December, 16 the staff of the "15 minut" News Agency, recently a part of the Crimean production studio QaraDeniz Production, had to cease its work since the owner of the ATR media holding, which moved to Kiev, laid claim to the agency brand.