This was stated by the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) on its website, specifying that 1.4 mln of them are internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Despite 1.4 mln, about 13 mln people will have difficulty voting in local elections Oct. 25, 2015, according to the report.

CVU insists on government to tackle a voting problem for all citizens.

-Members of the territorial community possess the right to vote in Ukraine’s local election on the grounds of residence registration. However, Ukraine has close to 13 mln people who have been registered in one place, but actually are residing in another. These persons will not be able to select the local authorities in the community they actually reside in as they are not its members. Upon that, these people are unlikely to have incentives to vote for local authorities at their place of registration, and therefore are unlikely to vote at all, according to the CVU.

The committee reported that the Verkhovna Rada has registered three bills (№ 2501a, 2501a-1, 2501a-2) on voting rights provision for immigrants at the places of their actual residence. In particular, the bills allows for IDPs to be able to choose what community they belong to. CVU believes this idea being progressive and proposes to provide other eligible citizens with opportunity to choose territorial community membership.