(QHA) -

A 12-years old Crimean Tatar Aliye Bekirova made the cut in Ukraine’s show “Golos. Dity 2”--Ukrainian analogue of The Voice Kids show.

Aliye Bekirova performed Crimean Tatar national “Dokhtur” song, which captivated all the judges.

“I have been singing since I was 2 years old, but not professionally. It was my grandmother who noticed my talent”- Aliye said.

“You have plunged us into [Crimean] Tatar traditions, I felt it when you were singing… the aroma of spices. It was performed with love, you are a singer”- a judge, Ukrainian singer Tina Karol said.

“There are people like a wind, people like a fire… and there are people like music. You are music and you are a song. You are so beautiful, you’ve got wonderful voice”- another judge, Ukrainian singer Potap commented Aliye’s performance.

When it was time to choose among the judges, the young talent Aliye Bekirova has chosen Tina Karol to be her teacher.