As of July 24, 2014, 602 vessels have entered the Crimean ports and terminals with 505 of them being foreign and 97- Ukrainian, reported BlackSea News.

As for the Ukrainian vessels, 44 of them entered the Kerch port, 2- Theodosia, 25 -Sevastopol, 2 - Yevpatoriya, 4 – Black See Port and 20 - Yalta Port.

In addition, 230 foreign vessels arrived in the Kerch port, 32- Theodosia, 205 - Sevastopol, 4 –Evpatoria and 29 - Yalta port.

The ports of occupied Crimea were entered by ships from Russia, Malta, Italy, Panama, Belize, Korea, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Moldova, Tanzania, Turkey, the UK and others.

Russia occupied Crimea in 2014. Ukrainian Parliament recognized February, 20 2014 an official start date of the annexation of the peninsula.

Photo: Internet