"Smart" stops become usual in Turkey

Transport Department Directorate of the Municipality of Hatay province implements a new project, using only natural sources of energy.

24 March 2016 10:00

Municipality of the Turkish province of Hatay has started the production of public transport stops using the energy of the sun in every city.

In order to minimize the problems arising at the stops when using public transport, the team of the Transport Department of the Municipality of Hatay Province began production of illuminated and "smart" stops with information panels using energy of the sun.

Transport Department team reports that 18 stops in the cities of Antake and Defne have already been installed. 

In addition, the representatives of the Municipality explained that such "smart" stops will meet the high quality standards, and that the project is aimed at the dissemination of such objects in all the cities of the province of Hatay.

Photo: Internet