“No less cynical are those who, while violating all thinkable and unthinkable rights and freedoms, claim that the journalists will be held responsible. And the next thing they’ll say will be that the journalists were begging for it?

Those who took it upon themselves to ruin people’s lives and punish the innocent by accusing them of all deadly sins cowardly say they were just passing by! None of them will have the courage to come out and say that neither Akhtem Chiygoza, nor Ali Asanov, nor Mustafa Dergimendzhi nor any other individuals arrested on trumped-up charges are responsible for the two deaths at a February 26 rally. Nor will they own up to kidnapping and killing civil activists!

But things are changing and those who think they are on top of it and can pass by and get away with it risk ending up in a very unpleasant situation!”, said Zair Smedlyayev, Head of Kurultay’s Central Executive Committee.

It was reported earlier that the FSS (the Federal Security Service of Russia) launched a criminal case against Lenur Islyamov on October 22.

The Russian occupation authorities are now conducting searches at homes of Elzara Islyamova, Director of ATR TV Channel, Lili Budzhurova, a journalist, and Edem Islyamov, CEO of SimCityTrans carrier.

All of the three individuals are either business partners or employees of the companies owned by Lenur Islyamov, a Crimean Tatar businessman, public activist and one of the instigators of a civil blockade of Crimea aimed at cutting business relations with the occupied peninsula.

According to Islyamov, his house in Moscow is currently being searched by the police.

The Russian Central Bank revoked a license and placed under temporary administration Just Bank owned by Lenur Islyamov.