Family of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukkovych began a large-scale construction of
a private estate in Crimea.  The ‘second Mezhigorye’ is being built near Sevastopol on the base of Cape Aya, says the
publication in “Ukrainskaya Pravda”, writes NEWSRU.UA

According to the publication, corruption schemes were used to take away thousands of hectares of land from ordinary people, including natural reserves and pristine beaches, among which is- the famous ‘Lost World’. 

Journalists provide arguments, supporting the involvement of the President’s family in the construction.  They note that the new palace is being built on the place of the main pavilion of the health resort for Ukravtodor workers on Cape Aya.  The resort place was privatized at the same time with Mezhigorye, when Yanukovych was a Prime Minister of Ukraine.  Both actions were made by the same people, according to journalists.     

After communicating with workers at the neighboring to Cape Aya base, the authors of the publication found that the son of Yanukovych personally manages the construction process.  “The eldest son of Yanukovych regularly comes here, last time he was here a week ago”, say workers. 

Still, Cape Aya and the surrounding territory is not the only place, no more inaccessible
for ordinary people.  According to journalists’ information, huge areas of land have been given to close to the
President’s family circles, which already extrude people from traditional vacation destinations in Crimea.   

One of unique vacation destinations in Crimea- a wild beach ‘the Lost World’ - is from now also banned for ordinary people.

“This is a real jewel of Crimea… It is located not far from Cape Aya, therefore one canguess who put an eye on it”,-write journalists, noting that tourists are being banished from the beach by security – “strong guys with Environmentalists IDs,
who are concurrently security guards of Yanukovych’s base.   

“Online forums are full of tourists’ evidences, who say how they’ve been threatened with weapon, and how Spetsnaz quickly arrived from Balaklava to settle the issue”, write journalists. 

Journalists say that very soon “…to the enormous list of the objects of luxury and status” of Yanukovych, the “own kingdom of Monaco” at the Black sea coast will be added.   

Note: Mezhigorye- private residence of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, which he
occupies from 2002.  From 1935 till 2007 Mezhigorye was a state governmental residence, until it was withdrawn to private ownership. 

The rent of one hectare of land in Mezhigorye costs to Yanukovych 314 UAH a month.  Journalists and some politicians call Mezhigorye the symbol of corruption of the president’s scale and “the museum of corruption”.