(QHA) -

The embattled President of Ukraine has vowed to stop the political crisis that has been holding the country in its grip for about a month from escalating, Interfax reports.

"Our main goal – that is the government's goal – is to prevent any further turmoil,- he said in his Thursday speech before the Regions Council in Kiev. The nationwide dialog must continue, for good or for bad, as it will bring about not only benefits but also instability, which will affect the socially insecure."

"Hence, we must find something that will bring us closer together. The desire to change the situation will be a uniting force. Its energy is more or less the energy of future reforms," the President said.

Yanukovych also announced that the country should brace for some sweeping changes, including a major reshuffle.

"We are going to take some drastic measures, which will include a reshuffle, as I've already warned you," the president said.