KYIV (QHA) - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has said that he will sign an association agreement with the European Union on mutually beneficial terms. The President claimed this in an interview with journalists of Ukrainian TV channels on Tuesday, reports Ukrinform. "Once we reach the level that will be comfortable for us, when it meets our interests and when we reach agreement on normal conditions, we will have a conversation about the signature. When will that happen? Quickly or not so quickly? Time will tell. I want this to happen as soon as possible," he said. The president said that Ukraine would not change its course for European standards. "We'll go our own way, and we'll do our best to make Ukraine economically stronger... This [signing of the agreement] is not Ukraine's accession to the European Union, and Ukraine will be included in European funds. We won't be there," he added. In this regard, Yanukovych said that the Ukrainian economy needs at least EUR 20 billion per year to switch to European standards, "and, in general, about EUR 160 billion is needed until 2017."