(QHA) - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has phoned opposition leader, Leader of the Batkivschyna parliamentary faction Arseniy Yatseniuk to inform about his readiness for negotiations, reports Interfax-Ukraine. "They've announced they're ready to start negotiations," Yatseniuk said from the stage on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. "This is my vision. Firstly, the mandate for the negotiations should be authorized by the Maidan [protesters] only. Secondly, the negotiations should be the public ones. Thirdly, our negotiations mean the fulfillment of our demands… Our policy should be transparent and open. This is what we're fighting for and this is the policy we'll be building in the country," Yatseniuk added. He also announced that consultations between the three opposition forces - Batkivschyna, Svoboda and UDAR - would be held shortly after.